Studio 9509

Piano Performance • Professional Accompaniment • Private Lessons

Private Piano Lesson


Private piano lesson is available for students of all ages and all levels. Adult students are welcome.


Unless otherwise arranged, all lessons will be conducted in Studio 9509 where students will have access to a well-maintained concert grand piano. Students in Kenmore/Bothell will be taught at Bothell Music Lessons. Students in the Eastside will be taught at either Hammond Ashley Violins in Issaquah or Baroque Music Studio in Bellevue.

Lesson Format

One-on-one instruction on weekly basis. Lessons may be 30 min, 45 min, or 1 hr long, depending on the parent’s preference and the need of students. Parents are always welcome to stay during the lesson. Adult students may schedule lessons without weekly commitment.

Lesson Fees

Lessons are billed at $70/hr. Discount is available for families with more than one student.

What if I also want to play non-classical pieces?

Dr. Kuo is flexible with the choice of music that students want to study, as long as the music contain sufficient challenge so that it will be a learning experience for the students. Students are welcome to work on non-classical pieces on top of the classical pieces that they are assigned to study. Classical music is expected to remain the core materials because they offer better training in techniques (finger definition, dynamic range, clarity, correct use of pedal, etc.) and artistic expression.

What to Expect in the First Lesson

Please be prepared to play the last piano piece that you have studied. This is not an audition and no one will be rejected because he/she has not mastered a certain level of proficiency. There is no need to be nervous. Dr. Kuo will observe carefully each student’s motor control, tone quality, and musical expression, and offer coaching tips.


Periodically Dr. Kuo will organize recitals to help students to overcome performance anxiety issues. A strong believer of positive reinforcement, Dr. Kuo will coach students on ways to re-direct nervous energy and stay focused. He will make every effort to make the recital experience as constructive and supportive as possible.

Lesson Cancellation

24-hr advance notice is requested for lesson rescheduling or cancellation.

Accompaniment Service

Piano accompaniment service is available for students participating in auditions, festivals, and competitions or making a recording.

Most repertoire, including major concerti or sonatas, can be accommodated with 2-4 weeks of notice before rehearsal begins.

Solo & Ensemble Festivals

Due to heavy booking, please arrange early and make sure that the school music teacher includes the name of the accompanist at the time of entry. This is the only way to avoid time slot conflict in a festival. Sometimes Dr. Kuo accompanies at several solo & ensemble festivals on the same day.

Accompanist Fees

Rehearsal time and performance time are billed at $65/hr. Some events my be billed at per-event basis. For teacher arranging student recitals please see FAQ below.

How much rehearsal time?

Base on experience, well-prepared students playing repertoire up to Suzuki violin Book 3 probably will need 25-35 min rehearsal time with an accompanist. For students playing repertoire in Suzuki violin Book 4-5 (e.g. a movement from Seitz or Vivaldi concerti), 45 min to 2 hr of rehearsal time is fairly common. For students playing concert repertoire (sonatas, longer concerti), 90 min up to 3 hr of total rehearsal time (over 2-3 rehearsals) is typical.

I am a studio teacher. How do I arrange an accompanist for student recital?

Studio teachers may request a fixed-fee-per-student arrangement. To avoid scheduling conflict, at least two weeks advance notice is requested.

I am a student. What is the best way for me to prepare to work with an accompanist?

Please practice regularly with a metronome.