Zoom/FaceTime FAQs

What do I need to prepare before a Zoom/FaceTime lesson?

Contact Dr. Kuo to make sure we are in each other's Zoom/FaceTime Contacts.

Please follow the instruction on the weblink below to configure Zoom so that Zoom transmits your original sound.


Close all apps running in the background. If possible, avoid having multiple persons in your household doing video conferencing at the same time.

How should I position the camera?

The preferred angle is from the right side of the keyboard, showing the entire keyboard and the motion of the arms. If that is not possible, from the left is also acceptable.

The video quality is poor. What do I do?

If the issue is inadequate upload/download speed at home, we may need to have you pre-record yourself before the lesson and put the videos on a server, so that way Dr. Kuo can see your best playing without data transmission issues. We do not always have control over the video transmission: someone in the household also on the internet, old house wiring, internet provider, etc. can all contribute to the video experience. Let's all take a deep breath and try to be as accommodating as possible.

Which has better sound? FaceTime or Zoom?

I've found that FaceTime appears to preserve the tone of the piano better.