COVID-19 Safety Plan

Studio 9509 (Seattle studio) is now open for limited in-person private lessons. Currently no more than 2 families will be scheduled for in-studio lesson in a day. Students are still strongly encouraged to continue lesson online. Below is our COVID-19 safety plan.


Teacher and Student must wear masks at all times when both are inside the studio.

II. Social Distancing

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  1. Windows will remain open while Student is in the studio to allow good ventilation. In the event of poor weather or impractical to keep the windows open, a Dyson fan with HEPA filter will be placed near the Student.
  2. Teacher (Piano1) and Student (Piano2) will sit at separate pianos, 12 ft apart.
  3. Parents may wait in the dining area (also 12 ft apart from Piano1), outside on the porch, or in the car.
  4. A 6 ft tall plexiglass shield is placed between Student and Teacher.
  5. Teacher will not approach Piano2. An iPad showing a live view of Piano1 will be placed next to the Student so Student can observe demonstration by Teacher.
  6. Student singing area is outside on the porch, while Teacher remains at Piano1 with windows mostly closed.

III. Sanitation

1. Student will be offered hand sanitizer or reminded to wash hands before leaving studio.

2. Immediately after Student leave, the following will be wiped down with Benzalkonium Chloride (a quaternary ammonium compound):

  • Piano2: keyboard, fallboard, music stand, and bench.
  • Plexiglass shield.

IV. Scheduling

Teacher will see at most 2 families in studio a day. Families will be scheduled at least 15 minutes apart to allow for sanitation.

V. Screening

Teacher will monitor own temperature daily. As student traffic increases, Student's forehead temperature may be checked prior to entry.